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Home Cleaning Service – honestly we would all love to be able to afford a housekeeper to keep our home in excellent clean condition but unfortunately the house cleaning is a job that never goes away. Whether you hire a domestic cleaner or clean the home yourself home cleaning comes done to routine.

Personally I find it much easier to give the home a quick clean for 1 hour every day. Turn the music up and tidy. I find it easier to clean everyday than clean all day on Saturday. It’s all about maintaining and then when you get time you would be able to complete a deep clean.

It is best to complete oven cleaning once a month then once it is cleaned to perfection simply buy a cleaning product with a degreasing agent and spray after every cooked meal, it is habit, when cleaning the dishes, give the inside of the oven a quick general wipe, doing this prevents the ┬áknuckle bruising & scrubbing. If you continue to do this you may find deep oven cleaning is needed every 3mths or 6mths – there is always a bonus to regular cleaning.

Window cleaning – We all appreciate clean windows. You can call a professional window cleaning company to complete or you can clean DIY. For exterior windows you can use a window broom/brush especially designed for windows or simply use a soft broom with a bucket of warm water with touch of Palmolive and a garden hose. Interior window cleaning can be completed using a window squeegee, you can buy these at mitre 10 for less than $10 but for the time saved it is well worth the investment. Make sure to clean window sills and window ledges and frames. Cleaning windows regularly also provide the opportunity to look for mould and if found you must complete Mould Cleaning Mould growth may be missed with quick maintainence cleaning.

One off cleaningservice is available from Busy Bees Cleaning and they can complete: ceiling cleaning, wall washing, Carper cleaners & Upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy and more.

Feel free to visit Busy Bees Cleaning and find the best cleaning service to suit your requirements.

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